MCB Consulting

By harmonically putting together the different pieces of the business puzzle (Process, People, IT), MCB Consulting Services Ltd (MCB Consulting) can provide you with sustainable solutions. These will guide your company in pursuing its development, innovation and growth goals, and consequently achieve excellence.

With our agile and multicultural team, we don’t just make suggestions and leave.  We walk the journey by your side through the transformation process.
Our area of specialisation is three-fold:

1.    We provide advisory services, ranging from strategic planning and execution, to risk management, business process reviews and organisation reviews;
2.    We assist you in the selection, implementation and maintenance of the IT solutions that you need; and
3.    We provide training services.


“We,  as  a  team,  don't  just  make  suggestions  and  walk  away.  MCBCS  consultants  can  work  with business teams of banks to implement GIEOM and ensure that the target process improvements are achieved and the business benefits realized.”
John Santhosh
"MCB Consulting is the first service partner of Temenos to evolve from a bank"
Mike Head
Global Alliances Director, Temenos
“GIEOM and the MCB Consulting teams have worked together on several large scale, multi-country change management and operational excellence projects over the past few years."
John Santhosh
“We are pleased to have become an accredited partner of Temenos. This development is a key milestone in our partnership. We offer a unique capability in that ‘we have been there, we have seen it and we have done it’."
Jean Michel Felix
MCB Consulting


040. People

As per our experience, the ‘heartware’ - people - is the core of any large scale Information Technology (IT) transformation. Change cannot be effective in any organisation structure if the human aspect is not catered for through a proper change management programme that includes training, raising awareness and channelling information properly.  


050. Process

The optimal performance of processes in an organisation translates its capacity to manage the business efficiently both at project and programme levels, and will guide the institution’s long term results and success. We capitalise on our proven battlefield experience in business process and process mapping, we tailor solutions to meet your needs. We also ensure that processes are aligned with strategic objectives of the organisation to ensure continual improvement. 


070. Technology

In line with your business development needs, the technological transformation that you may have to bring to your organisation requires in-depth know-how of software and hardware specifications. We can review your IT strategy so that it matches your business requirements. Our expertise will help you in identifying capabilities and operating models required to deliver value and increase business.