Our Offerings

Vision & Strategy
  • We help organisations define their business strategy;
  • We help our customers review their business model, including the product roadmap, the channel mix and the key market segments to serve;
  • We assist in the definition of the operating model that will support that strategy;
  • We work with customers to identify and prioritise the risks that can prevent the attainment of these objectives and identify mitigating measures that need to be put in place;
  • We ensure that the three pillars of business - people, process and IT - are in-tune, thus supporting the overall business strategy; and
  • We provide project management and change management services to ensure the successful execution of business transformation programs.

Financial services have been and will always be a “People Business”

Helping you create an engaging, motivated, skilled and performing workforce through our expert human capital solutions.

At MCB Consulting, we know that what really matters is the ability to translate your strategy into actions with the most important driver being your people. We provide you with a complete range of customised business solutions such as:

  • Change management 
  • Organisational reviews 
  • Performance management 
  • Training and capacity building

Business process improvement is a must in today’s operating environment

Today, organisations are being challenged to do “more with less” under more stringent regulatory requirements and even more demanding customers. When designed and successfully implemented, business process improvement initiatives can deliver substantial benefits to your organisation, including improved customer experience and loyalty, more efficient resource utilisation, higher quality products and services, lower time to market and enhanced compliance with regulations and policies.

We work very closely with our clients and help them in their business process improvement initiatives through:

  • Analytics for process management 
  • Customer journey mapping 
  • Process audits and redesign 
  • Process documentation and procedure manual 
  • Service quality management

These initiatives impact on both sides of your income statement - on one hand, it improves your costs to income ratio through reduced processing time and less reworks, and on the other hand, it generates additional revenue through “better” sales.

Technology has changed the way businesses operate

Having the right technology, implementing and using it well, all combined together, create the necessary conditions for your business to excel. When technology investments fail, every aspect of your business comes to a grinding halt.

We collaborate with our customers by providing end-to-end IT services, both in and around core systems. Our range of services includes:

  • IT health checks 
  • IT strategy and technology roadmap 
  • IT training Maintenance and support 
  • System implementation and application development 
  • System selection

To provide you with technological solutions that you need, we have partnered with some of the leading software creators in core banking, leasing, business intelligence, enterprise knowledge management and distribution channels.