MCB Consulting

MCB CS Organisational Structure

MCB Consulting is the consulting arm of MCB Group Ltd, the largest financial services provider in Mauritius, with more than 178 years of existence. It has the highest market capitalisation on the Stock Exchange of the country.  MCB Consulting has been set up with the stated objectives of providing a wide array of solutions to organisations across continents. The company has proven and practical banking experience, originating from the Group Project Management Office of MCB Group, having, amongst others, conducted the re-engineering of the banking subsidiaries. Indeed, MCB Consulting is in a unique position to offer first-hand experience, having implemented and used a number of best-in-class applications in different countries with varying legislations and jurisdictions.

Its scope of intervention is multi-fold, focusing primarily on ensuring that the three organisational pillars - people, process and technology - are in-tune, thus supporting the overall business strategy. Therefore, by efficiently putting together the different pieces of the business puzzle (Process, People, IT), MCB Consulting can provide clients with sustainable solutions which will guide them in pursuing their development, innovation, growth goals, and, achieve excellence. With an agile and multicultural team, MCB Consulting does not merely make suggestions and leave. In fact, we draw upon proven frontline expertise and experience to bring successful solutions and accompany clients all the way through the transformation process, and beyond. This proven expertise has led to MCB Consulting signing strategic partnerships with major international solution providers.