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03 Aug 2017

“Club des Dirigeants” Forum: Scaling our relationship with Africa to new heights

The "Club des Dirigeants de Banques et Etablissements de Crédit d'Afrique francophone" (CDD), in partnership with MCB Group [via one of its subsidiaries, MCB Consulting Services Ltd] held its annual summer forum in Mauritius from the 21st to the 23rd July 2017. This year’s event saw the participation of some 25 CEO’s of 14 French-speaking African banks and credit institutions originating from 12 countries. The opening ceremony was graced by the distinguished presence of the Governor of the Bank of Mauritius, Rameswurlall Basant Roi, the Managing Director of the Board of Investment, Ken Poonoosamy, whereas representatives of Mauritian companies operating in and senior officers of MCB Group were also involved at different stages of the conference, be it during an interactive panel discussion or during presentations to share what MCB Group has to offer.

During his welcome speech, Mr. Pierre-Guy Noel, Chief Executive of MCB Group said: "Our future depends on our ability to develop our market, to go outside our island ...". Several key interveners have showcased the position of Mauritius as a prime financial hub for the African continent through its open economy, its astonishing technological and infrastructural feats over the last decade and its 23 non-taxation treaties in Africa. The various stakeholders have also depicted the bitter-sweet reality of the financial sector in Africa. This sharing of experience was to encourage the emergence of solutions and the resolution of problems on the continent as, to quote the Governor of the Bank of Mauritius, Mr. Rameswurlall Basant Roi: "Understanding awakens armies". Amongst other MCB Group speakers, Jean-Michel Félix, Chief Executive Office, MCB Consulting Services Ltd, shared the three dimensional perspective of MCBCS: a consulting company focusing on the financial industry and originating from this same industry with thus real and intense battle field experience coupled with extensive consulting coverage across the continent [indeed, more than 210 assignments of varied nature have been carried successfully, over 24 countries since the start of operations of the company three years ago].

In fact, the reputation of Mauritius as a secured financial hub, the long-standing history of MCB Group and the palatable success of the MCB Consulting position well the latter as a preferred and trusted advisor to African banks and other financial institutions.

See what the following personalities had to say about the Forum:

Pierre Guy Noël, Chief Executive, MCB Group: https://youtu.be/1XpBe1zy1W8
Jean Michel Félix, Chief Executive, MCB Consulting: https://youtu.be/TvOhPDmJNmw
Amédée Darga, President, Mauritius African Business Club: https://youtu.be/kyLeBJOOGPw